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Hedge trimming your lawn & shrubbery improves your outdoor living space beauty and the value of your home. Our professional landscaping staff will transform your home and increase property value from average to stunning. Trimming hedges and shrubs is an important part of lawn care and maintenance please review our full line of services

Offering improved appeal to the entire landscape. Are your Hedges & shrubs not properly trimmed looking brown? If your hedges are looking irregular do not worry Earthworks Gardens can help. Our professional will get your curb appeal looking beautiful again. Hire Earthworks Gardens today and add beauty to your lawn and showcase your hedges & shrubbery and be the talk of your neighborhood.

Hedges protect the soil from erosion, provide wildlife habitat, and reduce noise and dust for livestock, orchards, homes, pastures, and crops. However, independent of the purpose of growing hedges, the process of shaping and trimming ensures suitable shaped and excellent growth and will bring added value to your home.

If shrubs can grow, without shaping, then it may cause surrounding grasses, and plants to have issues and can even kill some vegetation. Shrubs are usually denser,  thicker, and more compact, and significant it takes professional maintenance services that know how each plant affects your landscaping schedule a free estimate today

Pruning is important too!

However, it is also important to take pruning action at the right time. Pruning and trimming in the rainy conditions, or incorrect season may lead to stunted, and reduced growth, and dead shrubs. Our landscaping professionals know exactly when and how to perform trimming services so that landscaping can stay thriving and vibrant.

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Shrubbery & Hedge Trimming services Landscaping Springfield MO

Trimming is also essential for the identification, and treatment of various diseases and pests that may negatively affect plant growth. Both diseases and infestations are quickly spreading through the landscaping, but regular trimming can offer good control over these problems. We offer excellent isolation services to prevent further infestation in a specific area.

Hedge trimming offers a well-maintained look to the garden and landscaping. Hedges need a certain level of focus and maintenance to ensure proper growth and good shape. Whatever the size and shape of hedges, trimming, and shaping, can greatly improve the look. Hedges can get out of hand in a short time, and they are too high, for ordinary people to get back into proper order.

Hedges are planted for various reasons such as for creating an attractive boundary around garden or property, for division, and creation of separate areas in the landscaping of gardens, screening of the unsightly objects such as utility areas, and oil tanks.

Other than this they also serve as shelter and windbreak and create a good habitat for wildlife and birds. There are many types of attractive hedges that can be used to develop attractive lawns and gardens and our team can help to select the best hedges according to growing conditions, and prevailing climates in Springfield Missouri.

Proper shaping and trimming are very helpful to reduce the likelihood of unwanted rodents, and pests in the landscape. Uncared for bushes are ideal hiding spaces for snakes, rats, and other pests. Also, their presence is harmful to human beings, pets, other animals, and vegetation. They are hiding in these areas because the chances of disturbance are minimal.  Any failure in trimming and shaping of hedges may invite unwanted pests. On-time trimming and shaping is not only essential for beautification, but also for safety.

Trimming, and shaping hedges at the wrong time may cause reduced and stunted growth. This may make the hedges more susceptible to the diseases and insect pest attacks. Trimming of deciduous plants is recommended at a stage when they are having bare branches. Here it is essential to note that all kinds of hedges do not need hefty or hard cutback.

So, before trimming it is essential to have good understanding and knowledge about types of hedges being grown. Moreover, the trimers should be neat, and clean, and free from any kind of contamination, and impurities. This is a significantly essential approach to prevent infections and the chances of diseases.

Hedge Trimming
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Earthwork Gardens know that shrub trimming is an essential component for adding value and aesthetics to the lawn. Without shaping, shrubs can get unruly sprouting in any direction. Earthworks Gardens professional landscapers have been professionally trained and know exactly how to control the proper time to cut your hedges to avoid killing or damaging growth to either the bushes and shrubbery or the landscaping surrounding

Shrub trimming requires a skilled person and a keen eye. We are an expert team, with excellent experience in hedge trimming. And we provide excellent service according to the species of shrub.

We also take pride in informing our clients about every aspect of the management measures we are utilizing. This allows that they can make decisions on their own. We are equipped with the latest technology and a full range of modern equipment.

Above all, we ensure proper trimming and shaping of hedges, shrubs, and trees, and are skilled in maintaining leveled and straight hedges. We also provide expert advice and various choices to select according to taste preferences and budget. Our plant suppliers offer a wide range of species for selection of plants and then their management including hedge trimming and shaping to ensure multiple benefits.

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Earthworks Gardens offer exceptional hedge trimming and shaping services in Springfield Missouri. Our valued clients can select comprehensive plans and services for the maintenance of lawn health. We will provide excellent hedging and trimming services at affordable prices and will make sure that there is no damage to the property.

Earthworks Gardens takes pride in having sound and excellent scientific and botanical knowledge. This allows that specific landscapes will be getting proper protection, maintenance, and care. We believe in building healthy, and trust-based relations with our customers and we know that this trust cannot be built and maintained without quality services.

Property owners in Springfield can contact us for excellent services, and we also offer great customization according to interest and preferences of customers.

Hedge Trimming & Shaping
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