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Shrubbery, Tree, and Flower Beds landscaping services in Nixa Ozark & Springfield Missouri. There are many kinds of flowering plants, trees, and shrubs across the globe, and they are essential parts of lawn and gardens, as they are significantly helpful for beautification and improving the quality of the environment. However, the proper maintenance and care of these growing creatures is not an easy task, and it needs year-round attention, and care.

Flowers, shrubs, and trees add beauty to the surroundings and greatly enhance the value of properties, but they should not be allowed to overgrow roughly, as it may yield negative impact, by creating disturbances in the pathways, driveways, patios, and for other growing plants.

Flowering Beds 

Shrubbery, Tree, and Flower Beds, if you are in need of a professional landscaping company to help your yard or commercial property look beautiful call  Earthworks Gardens today for a free estimate. Our landscaping professionals can work with kinds of bed preparations. These are essential and landscaping and are significantly helpful to add beauty and a sense of the spacious environment in the lawn. We are providing services from the starting point of bed preparation to the ending point of flower harvesting. We take pride in providing management related services that can improve the growth of flowers multiple times.

Mulching is an excellent approach to maintain the good health of flowering beds, as it greatly improves, physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil. Additionally, it also offers good protection from splashing action of rain and forbid the removal of the topsoil layer by the wind and water erosion. Mulching is also helpful to improve moisture retention in flower beds and adds aesthetic value. However, mulching is not a simple approach, and if too much mulch is placed in the flowering bed then it may cause the development of fungus and root rotting.

Moreover, other than the flowering bed preparation, we are also helping with the selection of predominant flowering colors in the garden. There are many kinds of flowers, and they produce wonderful shades, and colors, and proper arrangement and growing pattern can do wonder to create an excellent landscape.

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Shrubbery Flower Beds Gardens Care


Shrubs are also like trees, but they are of short height. When the shrubs are closely planted in a series, it is known as hedges and is specifically used to make the boundary of an area. Confusingly, there is another name hedge that is used for shrubbery but not for shrubs and this concept is related to the connected growth of shrubs. It is also an important component of lawns due to various good features, and we are offering excellent services for shrubbery maintenance, growth, and development.

We are offering all kinds of essential services that can improve the growth, and health of shrubbery, for the beautification of lawn, and property. Good planting conditions, by giving enough space for growing in all the dimensions, and maintenance of proper distance allows good exposure to sunlight, water, rainfall, and air. We take care of the plants, like our own, and offer good services for the regular removal of overgrown, and dead parts. We are highly selective in offering our shrubbery related services and offer excellent work based on scientific, and botanical knowledge.

We can offer maintenance of hues to allow the balance or support for the predominant color.


Trees are growing for a long time, and they are a good source of shade, and protection from extreme weather conditions, and noise pollution. Additionally, they can also be used to add privacy to the home, and other buildings. We are offering good services for the selection of tree species, their plantation, and maintenance, to boost up their growth in Springfield Missouri.

Trees and shrubs need proper maintenance, pruning, and on-time trimming, to encourage healthy growth and flowering initiation. Trimming is extremely important before dormant pruning to bud break, and we will be paying regular visits to the lawn, and garden to improve the health of growing vegetation. Although it may consume our lot of time, we are committed to bringing excellence and beauty in the lawn, and gardens.

The plantation of flowers, shrubbery, and trees can significantly improve soil health and is an excellent means to reduce soil erosion. The penetration of roots causes the absorption of water, which otherwise is supposed to cause erosion. Also, thicker canopies reduce the splashing action and intensity of raindrops, so the loosening and removal of soil are greatly reduced.

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We are offering excellent services regarding plant health care, bed preparation, flowering, tree, and shrub trimming, and many other services. We are paying special attention to support plant health, during the long term and seasonal changes and are providing appropriate solutions to protect plants from damage caused by insects, diseases, heat, cold, drought, flooding, nutritional toxicities, and deficiencies. We are providing, cost-effective, and sustainable pro-active, and corrective actions for the optimization of plant health.

Our health care program also involves the application of pesticides, herbicides, weedicides, and fertilizers. While, we are aware of the dangers associated with the use of chemicals, but we only suggest and apply registered formulations. Moreover, we are giving due attention to the use of specific amount, concentration, and source, according to the prevailing conditions, and growing stages. We are offering protective measures to keep vegetation safe in the scorching heat of summer, and extreme cold of winter.

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We are a team of experts, and qualified professionals, with great scientific, and botanical knowledge, and we can offer excellent selection, growing, and management of all factors to establish a wonderful lawn by planting trees, shrubbery, and flowers. Our landscaping designers can offer an excellent combination of matching different flowers and trees that in turn can greatly improve the value of the property. We can add any kind of perennial, annual, and fragrant flowers, trees, and shrubbery to the landscaping. While, the management practices and maintenance of all types of vegetation are not the same, but we can handle it most efficiently.

Our services are highly sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, and we will be regularly visiting the landscaping site in Springfield Missouri to make sure that the area is free from troubles, and problems. Although, diseases, weeds, insects, pests, and other problems are a consistent part of gardens, and lawns, but we can cover all these issues to maintain a healthy, and lush lawn.

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