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Weeds are also a type of vegetation, but they are unwanted, and their growth is causing damage to the surrounding desired plants by the absorption of water and nutrients. In the presence of growing weeds, a competition is developed between essential vegetation and weeds for survival, which significantly exerts negative effects on lawn health. However, the extent of the problem can be greatly reduced by using weed control measures and strategies.

Some weeds are controlled by using pre-emergent solutions that will discourage the growth of seeds, and thus, there is no need for a tough stand  in the coming days. Our weed control services are also helpful to reduce the problem of diseases and insect pest control. The problem of growing weeds should be controlled at the initial stages, as weeds become hardy with time, and their removal will need more effort. Keeping weeds away may seem like a simple task, but it is not so, therefore, hiring services of experts is essential, as they can identify the nature of growing weeds, and can offer the best recommendations accordingly.

Weeds are very aggressive and if there is no control, they can invade the whole lawn and garden. Protection from weeds by a customized weed control program is essential as the weeds are using space, nutrients, light, air and water that otherwise is supposed to be used by the desired plants. Weed control is not only about weed removal by the manual methods of pulling them away from the soil, and by the application of chemicals, instead, they can be controlled by using various management practices such as correction of watering practices, proper mowing, and regular fertilization.

Keeping the lawn healthy, and happy will keep the weeds away, and when the grass is growing thick, it will not allow the growth of various weeds. Thick grass coverage on the ground, minimizes the penetration of sun, light, water, and air to the weed seeds and the chances of seed germination will be reduced. Keeping the fact in mind we are providing excellent lawn care and management services to reduce the problem of weeds in the lawns and gardens.

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Weed control Services

Weed control is a key element for lawn care, and it should be properly checked as it can help to achieve a beautiful lawn. But education and knowledge about specific weeds in an area is also important. Identification of broadleaf weeds is very easy, and they can be easily controlled. But, if they are neglected for a long period, they may cause problems. However, the identification of sedges is a little tougher, but they can be controlled by using proper seeding practices. Yellow nutsedge is a common weed in Springfield Missouri, Nixa, and Ozark Missouri and can be identified by light green color, and a triangular stem. Grassy weeds are abundant in this area, and their control is extremely difficult, and the use of pre-emergent is the best way to control their growth.

Weeds can be controlled using organic and inorganic approaches, and the first option is sustainable and eco-friendly, and will not cause any kind of footprints on the environment. Organic weed control programs are extremely safe and are not harmful to pets, animals, or  human beings. Additionally, they do offer long-term and sustainable results.

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Our team consists of highly dedicated professionals and we are offering sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to control weeds in Springfield and the surrounding areas. We will determine the best method of weed control according to the kind of growing weeds and their stages of growth.  Our products are eco-friendly and will have only a minimum or low impact on soil health, water quality, and the surrounding environment. Our technicians are experts and well equipped for handling any array of weeds.

We are highly specialized in the weed control process and will not cause any kind of damage to the growing vegetation and desired grass and plants. We are using separate solutions for weeds to minimize the damage to the plants. We are offering both pre-emergent and post-emergent solutions for weed control and can efficiently control the grassy and broadleaf weeds. We know how weeds can be eliminated and tackled and offer excellent prevention and removal strategies.

We are applying only certified and licensed formulations to the lawns and are abiding by the laws. We are offering recommendations and solutions according to prevailing conditions and ensure excellent positive results. Many people think that weed control is not a good option for the environment, but this is not so and controlled and well-planned weed management services, will not cause any kind of harm to the environment, soil health, or water quality. Our weed control services are tested and registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and they are only applied by professional and licensed experts. So, our services are highly safe to protect children, pets, and the environment.


We are offering a good distinction between selective, and non-selective weed control using respective herbicides. Selective herbicides will exert their killing mode of action on selective weeds only and will not cause any kind of harm to the other plants. All our weed control programs are highly selective, but there is some exception, if Bermuda grass is prevailing all over.

Sometimes, the lawns have been taken over and in these areas, there is no way of using selective herbicides only, we can use some non-selective chemicals also. Some kinds of herbicides can only be applied in the selected areas, but essentially, they can be used at the starting point to make your lawn weed free. But if we have to use these herbicides, then we will ensure the use of essential and recommended precautionary measures to avoid damage to the environment.

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Weed control is an excellent way to stand out in the community and helps homeowners to be happier and confident. Either the control is in the form of preventive measures or in the elimination of weeds, the problem should be tackled with great care and we are offering excellent weed control services in Springfield Missouri. Our team of highly dedicated,  professional Techs will properly educate property owners on which  services to utilize to overcome the problem of weed growth in their lawns.

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