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Seeding and slicing is an important way to improve the thickness of the lawn, which in turn brings a new life to the turf. The thickness of the lawn helps to make it more beautiful and to reduce the problem of weed emergence. In this process, special seeding machines are used to improve the contact of seed with soil, therefore grass development can be improved.

Results of scientific studies have proven that this method can improve grass gemination by 60%, This is much more helpful than the manual method of seed sowing. The life of grass is limited, old grass dies and new grass thrives. However, all the weeds in the vicinity of grass also make seeds. When these seeds are buried in the soil, they end up germinating and take all the growing space, nutrients, and water.

This makes it difficult for new grass to grow. Slicing and seeding will improve the thickness of growing grasses. And prevents the development and growth of weeds. Moreover, lush and thick lawns look better and modern technology provides significant help to make more even, healthy, and greener growth of grasses.

This process is done by using a slicing/seeding machine that is specialized for slicing the soil creating furrows. The machine uses steel blades, so that accuracy and efficiency can be maintained.  After that grass seeds are then dropped into the furrows. This ensures secure and direct contact between seed and soil. In this way, seeds are rightly placed in a point, where they should be and is a very efficient approach. However, broadcasting the seeds may not stick to the soil, and a good germination percentage will not be obtained.

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Seeding and Slicing - Lawn Care Springfield MO

We are offering the best slicing and seeding services in Springfield Missouri. Our professional team is highly experienced in the germination of grass seeds, through the slicing seeding processes. We slice and cut the soil to the appropriate depth.

In addition, we will also make good calibration to make even sized planting beds. Earthworks Gardens is equipped with the latest equipment and modern technology to perform this task. In short, we ensure excellent germination and thicker growth of lawn grasses.

After seeding, we also provide lawn care and maintenance, to ensure healthy and lush growth of the lawn. Our relationship with the client starts with a simple analysis of lawn conditions. After that our specialized experts will offer a detailed survey of the site so they can get an excellent idea about germination and growth requirements.

This method of slicing and seeding gives better results than traditional methods. For instance, the seed is at the correct depth and has proper contact with the soil. Therefore it is protected from animals, sun scorch, water runoff, and erosion. We are using a crisscross pattern of seeding to get excellent germination results in the lawn.

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Earthworks gardens are equipped with the latest seeding and slicing technology to provide excellent germination and growth of grasses in the lawn. This method is different and difficult as compared to the traditional method of seeding. However, our team is highly experienced and specialized in slicing and seeding. Even the lawn care and maintenance routine are different after employing this method, so we will provide our assistance at every step.

After slicing seeding, the general method of irrigation cannot be used. Therefore after seeding, light irrigation should be given daily, for about 3 weeks. Over irrigation can greatly reduce the germination percentage, and mismanagement should be avoided. Saturating a site at this stage is not a good idea, as it may cause washing away of the seed.

Landscaping Seeding and Slicing Services Nixa MO

After 3 weeks irrigation intensity should be increased, but the lawn should be irrigated for only 2-3 times a week. Our team will offer a proper analysis and monitoring to offer more control over-irrigating and growing grasses. In addition, we will be offering irrigation scheduling according to the climatic conditions, soil type, and growing grass.

We will also check for water restrictions, soil compaction, and other related conditions, and will suggest an irrigation schedule after proper testing only. We are not only assisting with irrigation but also offering mowing services according to the given requirements.

Mowing should be done at the appropriate height and any carelessness may result in poor growth. In severe cases, it may cause the death of growing grasses. The selection of reseeding and slicing methods is dependent on various factors, and our team will do a proper analysis of all factors.

Smaller areas may not require seeding and slicing, but it is an absolute necessity for the larger areas. We can offer the best selection of seeding techniques for your lawn and will never sell anything that is not required for the health of your lawn.

We can transform a thin and weak lawn into a healthy, lush, thick, and beautiful one. This process is a great cost-effective alternative to sod and will reduce the requirement of herbicides application. This practice also improves soil health.  The process of slicing brings a great improvement in soil structure. This assists in water holding capacity, aeration, nutrient supply, soil fertility, and soil productivity. In this way, slicing and seeding refresh the soil and covers various bare spots that significantly improves the value of the property, and brings confidence to property owners.

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The process of slicing seeding needs expert grass seed planters. It is a sensitive approach and any mismanagement may cause damage to the property, and lawn health. Our dedicated and professional team is always ready to provide expert services for lawn analysis.

We perform excellent slicing to the appropriate depth ensuring contact with seed and soil for better germination. Other than this we are also offering calibration to produce even-sized beds. Moreover, all this work will be performed by using the latest technology and equipment that in turn is greatly helpful to improve lawn health and germination of grasses.

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