Hydroseeding AKA as hydro mulching or hydra seeding is a planting process that uses mulch and slurry of seed. This technique is often used for erosion control on construction sites. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to dry seed sowing and broadcasting.

This seeding method is cost-effective and ensures fast-growing. And moreover, it provides great control over erosion. High-quality wooden fibers are used along with grass seeds. This creates an organic blanket that can provide ideal conditions for seed germination and growth.

In most cases, a significant level of lush growth is seen within one week of seeding. This is an excellent means for the traditional management of the lawn. In short, it is an ideal solution for planting on sloped and hillside areas, where erosion is a major concern.

Hydro mulching is very useful for starting a new lawn on barren land. These areas often need erosion control and soil coverage. The quality of turf can be greatly maintained with hydro mulching techniques. We use only top quality seeds, mulches, and fertilizers. Above all, they aid in the development of a strong and healthy root system for proper lawn development.

Why Hydroseeding 

Hydroseeding is a great option. Above all, it ensures faster seed growth and a higher chance of survival for plants and grasses. Along with good germination, it greatly reduces erosion hazards. It offers a uniform distribution of mulch, fertilizer, and seed.

The application of mulch offers numerous benefits as well as a significant improvement in soil health. Microbes convert the mulch to hummus. This improves soil health, as hummus is excellent organic material. In conclusion, there is a development of a lush, and fuller lawn that is a good source of mental peace.

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Role of Irrigation for Hydroseeding 

After the application,  light but frequent irrigation is a must to support seed development and growth. The success of hydroseeding is greatly dependent on irrigation. Most growers or gardeners utilize irrigation systems as the solution.  Earthworks Gardens experts and professional team will provide the best solutions. So that support of hydroseeding ensures uniform development and growth.

Earthworks Gardens is a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals. We are ready to offer our unique and exceptional services according to the needs of our clients, . We provide excellent services at affordable prices. Above all, we follow proper guidelines, monitoring, maintenance, and management. This allows customers to enjoy a healthy and lush lawn without being involved in the process themselves.


Erosion Control 

Erosion exposure is greatly controlled by growing quality grasses. However, the buildup of turf takes time, Therefore other options should be considered for controlling erosion at this early stage. By keeping the real challenges in mind, we provide a wide range of options to control erosion problems on a sustainable basis.

In low to medium flow land spaces use of heavy-duty silt fencing is an excellent option to stop deterioration. Similarly, plant residues and mulches can offer great resistance against erosion. These organic materials not only control erosion, but also improve soil structure, water-holding capacity, soil fertility, and productivity.

We will offer sound recommendations and provide services according to the conditions of the particular sites. This gives the best advantage possible from the application and execution of the proper techniques.

Hydroseeding for Landscapes 

Mixing of mulches and seeds for growth has become a popular approach. This offers the multiple benefits of improved production, and soil health on a sustainable basis. This practice is useful for both residential and commercial buildings.

For example, it restores vegetation at golf courses and provides hillside stabilization. Hydroseeding allows even distribution and is a faster process. It is termed as sustainable, as installation costs are minimum. To sum up it ensures long term benefits, without any footprints on the environment.

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Fast Growing Grasses

In the hydroseeding technique, the slurry is used along with quality fertilizers, that ensure excellent growth of grasses. A combined application of desirable fertilizers according to soil quality and growing conditions is also possible. This can be greatly personalized according to soil type.

For instance, different soil properties offer different rates of nutrient availability to the growing vegetation. Before growing, or applying fertilizers, it is essential that soil is properly tested to know the nutritional status. This directly determines which application of nutrients to utilize in soil and their movement to growing plants.

We offer reliable, soil testing services, including testing of pH, EC, and nutrient status. This allows for more control over growth and development. It can offer long term returns, along with a great sense of satisfaction. This will exert significant influences on property value.

Why Choose Earthworks Gardens

Our dedicated and professional team executes excellent and quick hydroseeding services in Springfield Missouri. Not only are we specialized in hydroseeding but we also desire healthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We provide specialized services for soil testing and lawn care services. Recommending grasses and management practices based on soil health, soil texture, and structure. Our team takes pride to offer post-care services after hydroseeding.

We are using excellent quality, pure, and clean inputs, and there is no involvement of any contamination or pollutants. The grass seeds are free from impurities, and weeds so the need of using herbicides is greatly reduced.

Moreover, we can work in all kinds of conditions. For example different soil conditions, site topographies, climate, seasons, vegetation types, and water availability conditions.

We offer a  wide range of mulching options.  These include a bonded fiber matrix, wooden mulch, and paper mulch. Before the hydroseeding process, we use all necessary management practices so that there is no risk of any mismanagement or failure.

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