Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization is not a simple approach, as it needs to be managed according to soil type, climate conditions, types of fertilizers, and type of grass being grown. Proper fertilization ensures the application of all essential macronutrients, micronutrients, and trace elements. We provide the best lawn fertilization services in Springfield Missouri, by far! This is because we customize our blends, but every blend we use contains Nitrogen,  Potassium, Potash, Magnesium, and Iron in varying proportions! Other Companies use Nitrogen only to keep the cost down, but we focus on a much different clientele so only use the best nutrients available! Our service is second to none, I have never lost one client or account since starting this Company other than 4 that have since passed away, but they were all like second Grandparents to me! Our focus for the last eleven years has been HOA’S and Commercial and I still have every account! I make sure that my clients are catered to and this can be verified by potential clients contacting these client’s at their offices directly upon request.

We always blend essential nutrients such as iron, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and micronutrients.  Our fertilizers are also slow-release fertilizers, that are slowly providing nutrients to the vegetation according to requirements at different growth stages. By the application of slow-release fertilizers, the number of applications is reduced and owners can enjoy stress-free lawn care experience.

Fertilization is not a matter of a few days, but it is a year-long process, and we provide lawn fertilization services according to the needs of growing plants. We are well aware of what plants need and provide a good range of both organic and inorganic fertilizers. While organic fertilizers have gained great popularity, it is a slower process due to not using powerful poison to eliminate weeds.

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There are many kinds of plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees in many landscapes and fertilization requirements of all this vegetation are different and should be managed properly, otherwise, it may cause negative consequences on the health of the lawn, and footprints on the environment.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization 

Lawn Fertilization is an essential thing for the health of the garden, and lawns. It promotes and strengthens the development of a deeper root system that in turn is helpful for water retention and supports vegetation growth and development. Fertilizer application also allows good control over weed growth as it promotes the growth of desired plants, so the chances of unwanted plant growth are reduced. In good growing conditions, the seeds of weeds cannot penetrate the soil and their probability of receiving water and sunlight is also reduced, so they cannot easily germinate. Feeding the good nutrients to the lawn, and growing vegetation causes starvation of bad plants or weeds.

Lawn Fertilization Services
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Lawn fertilization is a technical aspect of lawn management and care and is based on four considerations, such as proper amount, right time, right place, and source. Management of all these aspects leads to excellent growth of the lawn and produces stunning results.

While soil is complex and many physicals, chemical, and biological reactions are continually taking place in the soil, that in turn is greatly affecting the interaction, solubility, and bioavailability of the nutrients to the plants. Physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil are very important and fertilization strategies should be adopted according to soil conditions. If soil properties are not favorable for lawns, then we are also suggesting the addition of amendments, and organic material to improve soil properties for sustaining good growth and development in the lawn.

Depending on soil conditions, and deficiency symptoms, fertilization can be done in 3 ways, such as granular application in the soil, fertigation, and foliar application.

Granular application of nutrients is the best method for most lawns, but most Companies cut corners in order to bring the cost down and use liquid fertilizer, and in my opinion, it is unethical!

We only use granular fertilizer for grass but use liquid fertilizers for trees, etc. Sometimes, lawn vegetation may experience a severe nutritional deficiency, and in this situation, we might use additional iron for example to solve a color issue because Iron and Nitrogen are the two ingredients in grass that cause it to be green. (just one of many examples).

The fertilizer solution is not usually a one size fits all situation.  Moreover, fertilizer scheduling according to growing stages is also important, and we perform soil testing so that there is no contamination in soil due to the excessive application of fertilizers. We are properly checking the fertilizer release rates, how fast nutrients are being released by the fertilizer sources, and how often they should be applied.

Lawn Fertilization
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A controlled and steady feeding is essential for lush and thick green lawn. We are providing scientifically tailored approaches for fertilizer feeding to the lawn, so that the lawn will be much greener and much thicker as well. Our scientific approach of soil testing will determine the best concentrations to utilize. We  also check the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the soil, to determine fertilizer rates, and fertilizer sources. We will offer fertilization services based on the nutritional status of the soil, and the growing stages of vegetation in the lawn.

We are aware that properties are valuable, but the environment is even more precious. Any mismanagement or overuse of fertilizers may cause negative influences on the environment, and water quality may also be degraded due to the leach down of dangerous chemicals. So, we use powerful chemicals only when a lawn has been let go for quite some time. Once we fix the issues and thicken the grass, no need for harsh chemicals from that stage on usually.  Again, we are by far the best source for your fertilization needs and will customize a program according to your needs.

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